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Monthly Demonstrations (Getsurei demo)

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front of the Naval Base
Hikaku Shimin Sengen Undo-Yokosuka Yokosuka Peace Squadron


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 We are citizens, desirous of a peaceful world without war, who are working to make the city of Yokosuka free of nuclear weapons and military bases.
 In Yokosuka there is a U.S. naval base, where the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier George Washington is homeported. There are also several Japanese self-defense force bases. Japan may appear to be peaceful, but by observing movements at these military bases we can see moves which may threaten world peace.
 One of our activities is to hold street demonstrations on the last Sunday of every month to express our wishes. During the demonstrations we stop at the gates of the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force Yokosuka District Headquarters and the U.S. Naval Base to deliver our messages to the soldiers.
 We hope that this website will create ties with many people, providing a forum for communication and expanding the network of people with similar concerns.

Yokosuka Citizens for Peace
(Hikaku Shimin Sengen Undo-Yokosuka)

 活動の一環として、毎月最後の日曜日に私たちの願いを表現するデモを行っています。海上自衛隊総監部と 米軍海軍基地のゲート前では、それぞれの兵士の方々へメッセージを伝えています。

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